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​​Sanger Community Science Workshop

Tuesday - Friday 2:30 - 5:30 pm

Saturday - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

New projects every week.



We can help bring STEM and the new California Science Standards into your curriculum.

We incorporate opportunities for students to collaboratively build, test, and reflect on their learning, Our program increases intellectual engagement, divergent thinking, and supports students in their quest to understand the man-made and natural world around them. School groups or parents can reserve the Science Workshop for birthdays or field trips by calling 559-399-3090. 

2017 Summer Camps
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SAM Academy is offering three different 5-day summer camps for kids ages 6-17. The camps are ‘Bots to Biology’, River & Coastal Explorations’, and ‘Coding & Robotics’. 

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Bots to Biology Camps - $149.00**
Includes all-day field study to the Central Coast*.
*Contingent on grant funding from Coastal Conservancy.

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______    June 19 – June 23     ______ July 17 – 21        _________   July  24 – 28        

River & Coastal Explorations - $149.00**
Includes all-day field study and catamaran voyage on the Sea Odyssey in Santa Cruz*.
*Contingent on grant funding from Coastal Conservancy.

______ June 26 – 30                 ______ July 10 – 14             ______  July 31 - August 4      

Coding and Robotics Camp - $249.00**
Coding/Robotics Camps teach basic coding, programming, logic, and robotics design through the use of a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. 

    ______ July 17 – 21        _________   July  24 – 28   


Each camp is 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except for field study trip (7 am - 7 pm). 

**Sanger resident student discount applications available upon request.

Proof of Sanger residence required (contingent upon continued funding from Measure S).


Bots to Biology is designed for grades 1-6 and includes a one-day trip to Montana de Oro State Park on the Central Coast. Kids will explore coastal ecology and tide pools and then study about water impacts in the Central Valley. An engineering and design challenge related to energy transfer in natural and human-made systems is included. River and Coastal Explorations is designed for kids in grades 4-6 and includes a one-day trip to Santa Cruz Harbor and a voyage on the catamaran Sea Odyssey. Kids will study marine biology, coastal ecosystems, and the human impacts on the California coast. The camp will also include studies on riparian ecosystems and habitats, human impacts on the Central Valley and coast, and engineering and design challenges related to the transfer of energy in natural and human-made systems. 

In each camp studies are designed for the grade level span of each group. Students will observe and contrast coastal ecosystems, observe sea otters, harbor seals, migrating birds, and other amazing creatures. Focused learning modules on coastal ecology and riparian ecology will precede each of the trips and students will practice using the tools and instruments used during the field studies (compass, sensors, probes, cameras). Students will also learn about the various landforms and environmental issues that impact both the Central Valley and coastal regions of California.

Coding and Robotics camps will explore aspects of a career in computer science and/or engineering through the design, construction, and programming of robotic arms and cars.  This workshop gives students the opportunity to learn how to build a complete Raspberry Pi based Embedded Linux system to learn Python programming and control external electronics. Includes technical training and hands-on practical sessions where students will create electronic projects, explore programming, and practice key scientific and engineering practices. As students work on tinkering, they will be able to clarify the concept of circuits and how things work. The Scientific and Engineering design process of communicating, asking questions, and creating models will be applied.  Key topics include energy, electricity, and the structure and properties of matter. Students will learn the different line commands in Linux. Python language and Java will also be introduced. Students will then design an investigation and build a project to turn off an LED that is connected to the PI from a remote source.  Once they’ve mastered these steps they begin programing interface with breadboard to turn on and off LED sets, resisters, then design an investigation and build a project to program a car they build to move around on its’ own. 


High School Internships and Mentor Program - Taking applications for

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Sanger Community Music Studio

Keyboards/Piano - $12/Lesson
Advanced piano - $30/hour
Guitar - $12/Lesson
Drums - $12/Lesson

Sanger Children's Choir registration now open


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