Science, Art  &  Music

Timing is everything. Good news is that there is still time to make that important 2016 donation to SAM Academy and SAM Academy Makers.

Your gift will help propel Sanger Young Makers into the New Year with dreams of becoming artists, engineers, computer scientists, biologists, environmental scientists, teachers, and more! 

SAM Academy, located in the rural community of Sanger, California provides high quality after school, weekend, and summer programing for at-risk youth. The Sanger Community Science Workshop and Makerspace is offered as a free drop-in program for kids providing a rich learning environment and safe place to be after school.

Low cost music and art lessons, and refurbished instruments provide access for many children who would otherwise not be able to participate. The music and art studio provides a nexus between tradition, culture, STEM and the arts while providing a foundation for developing musical creativity and artistic expression. An important member of the community,

SAM Academy supports the development of youth leadership, inter-generational mentoring, and community building through our STEM & Art/Maker Mentors –high school youth from their community that work with young kids to bring them the world of science, art, music, and making. 

SAM Academy Inc., a 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organization is recognized by the IRS.  All donations are tax deductible by law.



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