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Building a bridge using engineering concepts.

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 student journal.
Create, Innovate

 Fashion designs made from recycled items. 

Green Sea Turtle
Explore Natural Science
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Music performance
 teaches children
 self-discipline, dedication and to conquer fear.
About SAM


Exploration       Discovery 

SAM Academy On Wheels is a traveling science classroom and laboratory that gives urban and rural students an opportunity to learn about STEM through hands-on experiences.  The traveling classroom/lab is equipped with all of the tools and materials needed for students to participate in various projects. The classroom is also equipped with highly qualified educators and paraprofessionals who are experienced with the design of inquiry-based learning activities, scientific practices, and engineering principles.  

The SAM Academy STEM Program will provide a mobile science program to designated schools and communities by providing a non-traditional learning environment and research-based activities that will strengthen the academic foundation of youth. A coordinated informal STEM curriculum will include physics, chemistry, natural history, environmental science and engineering related projects.  

This program focuses on the design of effective out-of-school learning environments that will improve student achievement through the following efforts: 
  • Providing opportunities for inquiry based learning, 
  • Mixing features of formal and informal pedagogical strategies for urban and rural youth to learn key concepts through a project-based learning environment,  
  • Increased opportunities for workplace skills acquisition,
  • Engagement of parents with the academic preparedness of their children.
School age children attending these programs can then build on what they have learned during the regular school day, explore further areas of skills and interest, and develop relationships with teachers who are caring and passionate about working with students, all of which are factors related to their success as adults. Opportunities beyond school are also important to assist in closing the achievement gap in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) achievement. 

Goals And Expectations:

Goals and outcomes are as follows:

(1)  Student achievement rates increase because students are in school and participating in quality after school programs.

(2)  Collaboration between the SAM Academy and local schools is expanded through an active partnership.

(3)  An increase in interest in STEM by participating students.


"Every child is an artist. 
The problem is . . .  how to 
remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Picasso

The SAM Academy Art Program will introduce basic elements of the visual arts including line, shape, form, space, light, texture, and color. Lessons begin with the simple yet common practice of reading to young children. During story time children develop visual literacy—the ability to interpret the visual world—and engaged with illustrations that motivate, enlighten, and excite them. Children will then explore and experience the visual world by: 

  • Develop skills as they learn various art forms and mediums associated with creating art. 
  • Constructing meaning by observation, reflection, and application of ideas. 
  • Recognize similarities and differences in the environment around them. 
  • Attach visual images to words and abstract ideas. 
  • Think creatively while developing skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, and crafting. 
  • Through art will communicate, represent, and record ideas and feelings related to personal experiences. 
  • Have a greater knowledge and appreciation of cultures. 
  • Reinvent the world around them through art expression.

SAM Academy will strive to allow children to experience “Art for art sake" because it is considered an important human endeavor, a method of 
self-expression that can be spontaneous and fuel imagination and experimentation. Letting children play and not be inhibited are desirable components of art, and for freedom of expression. Art also enhances children's cognitive processes, involving children in problem solving, thinking, and using symbols and graphics to record their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Art lessons integrated with science and music will be highlighted. 

SAM Academy Programs are aligned to the Visual and Performing Arts Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve 2004). 


Out of the box thinking and bold new measures are required to create innovative youth development initiatives that will help Fresno’s youth population become productive adults. Picture a program that promotes academic preparation, career development, leadership, and service to the community linked and supported by music and the performing arts.  Access to quality music instruction for many children could be the vital link between home culture and academic success in school, and life. Stories of success emerge from unexpected communities in Brazil, Europe, and Asia. Why not the Central Valley of California?

Our goal at SAM Academy is to create opportunities for low-income and at risk children within the urban and rural communities of Fresno and the Central Valley of California, to learn about culture and life skills such as communication and teamwork through music. It is our passion at SAM Academy to provide high-quality music instruction.

SAM Academy Music Program provides classes in keyboard, guitar, ukulele, strings, voice and music technology.  The class will emphasize scales, good technique, sight reading, ear training, music theory, composition, rhythm, movement, music history, Orff instruments and much more. Children involved in SAM Academy will learn the fundamentals required for them to participate in school music programs with ease. 

Summer music workshops in choral, brass, percussion, and woodwind instruments will enable children to transition into choir, school band and orchestra.  Children will also participate in both group and individual performances for parents and the community.
SAM Academy employs only highly qualified music teachers and paraprofessionals with a strong emphasis in music education and performance. Sam Academy is dedicated to bring a positive musical experience to children of
all ages.  

There are many benefits to a child's involvement in music.  Children not only can
improve their memorization and small motor skills but there can be a significant
contribution to self-confidence that translate into other school subjects such as language arts and math.  Data from the University of Texas indicated that students that received an arts education that included music received higher scores on the SAT.  Children have a natural love for music.  Music can change a child's mood instantly.  Music is a powerful stimulant.   Most importantly, students love having music in their world.  

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