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Building a bridge using engineering concepts.

Circuit Game Activity
Young Makers
 Summer Academy 
From idea to prototype
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SAM Academy is a non-profit public benefit corporation.  Our mission is to help the community build capacity for and establish leadership in Science, Art and Music, by supporting our youth and their parents in efforts to become contributing members of society.  This mission will be accomplished through community based educational programs grounded in standards of excellence and delivered by confident, competent, and caring individuals.
What makes SAM Academy On Wheels so unique?
"SAM Academy On Wheels is the first of its kind in the Nation."

SAM Academy is a fully self-contained mobile classroom that can drive into any community in the Central Valley of California. Our educational program is staffed with highly qualified educators and paraprofessionals that are caring, passionate and have extensive experience in classrooms and with informal Science, Art and

Music institutions. SAM Academy makes learning fun and exciting, very different from the traditional classroom setting. Our classroom includes: Internet; Large Screen TV-Visual inside and outside of the vehicle; Sound System, and much, much more.

"A classroom is a sacred place and can be anywhere.

Help pass the wisdom to future generations.

Be the light that guides the way."

Dr. Jeff Goldstein

National Center for Earth and Space Science Education


Community Science Workshop Network

Bautista Medical Group of Fresno & Sanger

City of Sanger - Measure S

Educational Employees Credit Union of Fresno

Central Valley Science Project

Initiative Foods

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A Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation

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